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Another one bites the dust

In case you’re not aware, one of our biggest clients is Country Gardener Magazines. We design and manage the production of all of their publications – which is currently six magazines, ten times per year.

It’s mammoth.

We generally run on a three week turnaround with this publication, with either one or two weeks’ gap in between. If you’ve ever asked us a question during print week and heard the words “we’re really up against it with another project at the moment and will get back to you as soon as we can”, then you now know why. Getting six magazines to press before the deadline, with all adverts and editorial content designed, proofed and corrected is something Bubblegum specialise in.

We have been working with Country Gardener since 2009 (when it was only four magazines, eight times a year – and Bubblegum was just little old me) so we have watched it grow and grown alongside it.

Every issue presents a new set of challenges and every issue we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. If you fancy a read, or a little more insight into what we get up to, take a peek at the most recent Devon issue here.


Well that was a busy week!

We’ve just got back into the office after a lovely bank holiday weekend, and much needed rest after all the preparations for www.tobygardenfest.co.uk at Powderham Castle. The event was a resounding success and has improved on last year.

We are very much involved in getting this event to the table (or is that field?!). We started last autumn on updates to the website, creating the initial marketing literature and promoting ticket sales. Over the past few months our workload has gradually increased as we work on more adverts, continue developing the website and start preparing for the event itself.

The run up to an event like this is crucial – we have to manage an intense workload from one client – creating maps, programmes and signage for the festival – whilst still maintaining our usual service to all of our other clients. It’s a credit to the whole team at Bubblegum that we keep everything moving, keep everyone happy and produce design work that we are proud of!

We might take it easy for a day or two…if they let us!


… Getting to know all about you

Are you picturing Julie Andrews right now, humming that tune in your head? Or are you thinking I’ve gone slightly mad? If the latter, look it up. The fact is we are a little bit quirky.

Unlike your typical design agency, we REALLY get to know our clients. It’s absolutely crucial to us that we get your business, understand you and how you think, what you want, who your clients are. I’ve had clients laugh at me during their consultations because I ask questions like ‘what’s your favourite colour?’, ‘what do you like to do for fun?’, I comment on bags and shoes (generally women only, but not always), we talk about holidays, families, shopping, politics…you name it. I want to know all about you.

Knowing what makes our clients tick is one of the things that makes us….us. We develop a friendship with our clients, and an instant trust; we will create designs for you that truly represent your business. This is especially key for small business owners – there’s less chance of us getting it wrong.

And we enjoy it too. We love talking to people. We love giving our clients exactly what they want. Happiness and great results all round.

If you think your business needs a friend like us – give us a shout. We’d love a chat.