Identity & Branding

We’ve been banging on about stories, right? Well that’s exactly what your brand is all about. Yes, it has to look sharp and stand out in a crowd, but it also needs to be true to you, your business, your core values and yes, tell your story.

Are you a small businesses or startup who wants to establish yourself in a busy market? We know just how to make your business sing. But don’t fear big guys – we’ve also handled overhauling the rebranding of several larger, established companies with great results. We love the diversity of our clients.

And we don’t stop there. Maintaining a strong brand is key – as your business grows we stick by your side, working with you, enjoying the journey you take us on.

So, what is it you need?

Logo and stationery design / Leaflets, flyers, postcards, brochures and posters / Internal marketing and newsletters / Social media covers / Reports and documents / Vehicle graphics, internal and external signage / Email marketing, graphical emails and online advertising


You’ve paid for the space – now make it count! Don’t rely on the artwork department getting it right – spend the time to tailor your advertisement to the publication and its readers and you will reap the benefits.

We work closely with our clients on their own advertising campaigns, as well as being an outsourced artwork team for a number of local magazines. We have a combined experience of almost 20 years in this sector, are dealing with adverts on a daily basis, and have extensive knowledge on advertising in a number of sectors.

You really don’t need to look any further.

Publication design

We love magazines (must be that story business again). We design and manage production of a series of magazines and large publications, distributed across the south west and beyond.

We work at all stages of publishing from the initial design of the publication and typesetting features, through advertising design, planning and compiling for print. With 20 years’ experience in this sector, you can be assured your baby is in good hands.

We’ve even produced a few books on behalf of publishers, and can setup ebooks for publication. If you’ve got a book idea, talk to us!

Illustration, Photography and Copy-writing

Really want to make a statement? Consider commissioning your own photography or illustrations to make you stand out from the rest. Our illustrators can work in a variety of styles, mirroring existing branding, or creating a whole new illustrative style for your company. We outsource your photography needs to trusted local companies.

Trouble getting your words out? We also have an in-house copy specialist – it really does pay to have your words considered and crafted.

Get in touch for more information.

Outsourced Design Service

Bubblegum pride ourselves on being able to assist larger agencies at times of need, as well as being the outsourced designers of choice for local PR/marketing agencies. Contact us for our agency rates and availability.