A bit about us

Bubblegum was established in 2005 in Exeter, by Gemma. She had a vision (and about an hour’s notice, but that’s another story) to create an agency service but with the personal feel, by collating a team of freelancers as required on specific projects. Since our inception we’ve focussed on providing this. Our clients speak to the person doing the work; ideas do not get diluted or translated on their way to the designer.

As Bubblegum has grown over the years and added more people to the core team, this has not changed. While our in-house skills have expanded including an illustrator and copy writer, we still use freelancers or external agencies where necessary to ensure our clients get the best possible service for their budget.

And that bit about staying friends forever? We still work with clients we met back in 2005. We truly believe in sitting by your side in business, and providing a design service we are mega proud of.