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Have you got designs on breakfast?

In the background at Bubblegum, I’ve been setting up an exciting new event for Exeter – The Big Creative Breakfast! I’ve always prided myself on bringing the right talent to the table for our clients, but sometimes finding that right talent and a person I can trust to help achieve projects for our clients isn’t easy.

I also LOVE meeting new creative types, to broaden horizons, and just because, I actually quite like fellow creative types! After looking around to see if there was an event that brought these people together and finding nothing, I decided there was only one option – SET IT UP!

We had our first event this morning – designers, photographers, copywriters and more, all sat around sharing insight into what it means to run a successful creative business. I’m hoping to share some of these nuggets of wisdom over the coming months, so watch this space, and if you want to be a part of The Big Creative Breakfast, or follow what we get up to, pop along over to Facebook and give our page a like! You might even join us for coffee one day…